Resources Hub

Please find here a number of resources around various themes. Don't see resources on a particular theme? Why not contact us here


Prayer resources

Resources from different organisations to help you engage with prayer

Short Talks: Prayer

Copies of our Short Talks videos with different guests can be found here.

Prayers from the District

A copy of different prayers from members all across the District

Open Doors: Prayer Resources

A collection of prayer resources helping you to pray for those who share our faith but not our freedom.

24/7 Prayer: The Prayer Course

An eight week course about prayer for small groups and churches

24/7 Prayer: Prayer resources

A collection of different prayer resources to help you and those around you to engage in prayer

London Centre for Spiritual Direction

Considering Spiritual Direction? Here you can find a link to how to find prayerful spiritual accompaniment

The Daily Examen

More information on how to perform the Daily Examen

Ignatian Prayer Resources

A variety of resources inspired by St Ignatius of Loyola.

Christian Meditation

A variety of resources on how to enage with Christian meditation


Digital 'how-to' 

Resources focused on how to help people navigate digital spaces.

Zoom by Phone

A walk through guide to dialing into a Zoom meeting via phone.