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About the London Methodist Learning Hub

We are here for you

The London Methodist Learning Hub is an online space to resource Churches, Circuits and Methodist members in the London District. This houses some content that will hopefully inspire and equip you; whether it be on a vocations journey or resources for your Church's small group. We would love to hear from you, especially if you have resources you would like to see here or some training or learning and development opportunities you would like to enquire about.


Resourcing Churches and Circuits

As a team we want to make sure that you feel supported in all your Learning and Development needs. Our role is to offer learning and development opportunities across the district and in local circuits and churches in the form of bespoke courses or Connexional initiatives. We want to make sure we work with churches and circuits in this work, and therefore we have produced  a 'Resourcing Circuits' guide for the kind of opportunities we can offer. If you are interested in this, please do get in contact with your Circuit's link team member as mentioned on the document below.

Resourcing Churches and Circuits Guide

Link team member for Circuits